The Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) will support about 6 billion kip to contribute in poverty reduction in Phongsaly province through the implementation of 22   projects in 3 districts such as: 6 projects in Khoua district, 8 projects in Mai district and 8 projects in Samphan district, Which is the 3rd phase, 14th round of PRF in 2017.

Mr Thavone Xayabouth Head of PRF in Phongsaly province reported: The 22 projects have covered 3 important sectors such as: For Educational and Sports sector consisted of 10 projects, Public health sector consisted of 2 projects and public transport sector with 10 projects. Currently, Some projects are in the process of equipment procuretion for the construction and some projects are in the concession process to find the contruction company. To achievement of the projects has been set by the end of this year in order to lift up the livelihood of local with peopležs well being and free from povertyŽ.

      The PRF has supported to build the new primary school at Nambon Tai village, Samphan district, Phongsaly province at the 13th  round in 2016 with the cost of 208,732,866 kip. In this project, PRF supported 191,190,878 kip and the community contribution is 15,541,988 kip. The project started construction work in May 2016 and completed on 16 September 2016. The school is a one-floor building with 2 classrooms, serving the 1st to grade 5th  pupils of primary level. The school is fully furnished with all educational equipments needed.

      Ms Feng, 10 year old student of 4th grade and Mr. Lee, 10 years old, He is student of 5th grade raised the same voice that: We are very happy of having new school. Because the school is nice and stable, besides of getting new school, we also got educational equipments such as : Tables, Chairs, Boards and others. Itžs different from the old school that had always been repaired and lacked of educational equipmentsŽ.

      Mr. Thongsy Thongsengchit, The teacher of NambonTai reported:  Previously, There were many difficulties of using the old school, especially  the roof, board, tables and chairs which could not cannot move anymore. After we got this new school our students are very happy and pay more attention on studying, They are more diligent with more intention to their studiesŽ.